Tennessee Board Of Nursing Collaborative Agreement

Legislation passed in 2009 authorized the Board of Directors to issue a certificate of medication assistance to nurses with additional training under a House-approved drug management program. Medication assistants must successfully complete the Medical Assistance Certification (MACE) examination for licensing. I recently moved from Kentucky, where there is only one cooperation agreement between NP and myself, which does not give the sole physician responsibility for the MD`s cooperation in drafting unscheduled drugs. Being a TN NP seems to me to be a step backwards. The American Medical Association is not the nursing regulator and MD should not have his fingers in our office, nor is it fair to the. To have to take over the responsibility of another profession. This is the way OF WADA, the Mdds in the NP have 50 years of proven safety and care identical if not superior than MD. In these countries, all NPs are allowed to assess and diagnose patients, organize and interpret diagnostic tests, and perform treatments such as prescribing controlled drugs and substances. This clinical capacity is authorized by the exclusive licensing authority of the state care committee. The National Academy of Medicine recommends this model of practice. While Tennessee requires that NP`s be monitored by a doctor, these rules are lax compared to many other countries. TN State Law defines a supervising physician as “a licensed and active physician who has been identified as responsible for supervising certified nurses.” As part of this oversight agreement, Tennessee law sets out specific requirements: it is important to note that, as a result of the tireless efforts of the NP`s legislative representation, the state practice environment is constantly evolving and considerable efforts are being made to keep this information up to date.

This table examines the status of the NP`s practical authority in all U.S. states, including information on descriptive authority: Links to local boards of care and practice law:s and other details. In order to assist in the performance of its duties, the Board of Directors employs a registered administrator of the nurse. The technical and administrative staff of the Board of Directors and the Department of Health Offices assist the Board of Directors by licensing those who comply with the requirements of the law and rules.

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