Fedex Shipping Agreement

You can sign up for to access interactive features on login gives you access to FedEx Ship Manager in, FedEx Tracking, FedEx Global Trade Manager, FedEx Billing Online, FedEx Mobile and other online services. The availability of these services varies from country to country. In the future, FedEx will be able to add other features that can be accessed via connection. In this case, previously registered users are not required to re-register. (i) The customer agrees that domestic and international transport of shipments: the conditions and liability limits that are offered to FedEx with SHIP MANAGER, with the terms and limits of liability set on the NONNEGOTIABLE Air Waybill, Label, Manifesto or Pick-Up Record (a “transit document” package) and, if applicable, any transport contract between the customer and FedEx for this shipment and in all applicable fares, service guides or standard transport conditions, copies of which are available on request and which are included as a reference in this agreement. If there is a conflict between the transit document and such a document, then in force or that contract, the transport contract, fare, guide service, standard transport conditions, or that contract will be monitored in that order of priority. When a shipment is outside the United States, the transportation contract is owned by FedEx`s subsidiary, branch or independent contractor who initially accepts the shipment. Your use of the Global Trade Manager does not change your responsibility for creating and accurate transit documentation, including import/export forms. When reviewing your FedEx agreement, some additional details will be found: The terms of use of The FedEx supply and related services are included in the most recent version of the FedEx service guide, available on request.

In the event of a conflict between FedEx deliveries or associated service information, the latest version of the FedEx Service Guide will control the latest version of the FedEx service guide, in the event of a conflict between FedEx deliveries or associated service information on and related delivery or service information. iii) Printed signature.

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